Schools and nurseries

Wellbeing projects in schools and pre-school settings

We are thrilled to announce that we are delivering Happy Clouds yoga & music wellbeing projects to schools and nurseries from September 2021.

A 1 hour free taster is available to those who are new to us and projects can then be booked in 3 or 5 week blocks to suit all budgets.

About the project

Each session will consist of activities designed to support the 5 steps to wellbeing:

  1. Connecting with others; in our sessions we will work on partner poses and engage in activities to promote kindness & connection and acceptance of ourselves & others.
  1. Being physically active; yoga is great for both our physical health and wellbeing. We will stretch, move in different ways to music and play games all designed to get us physically active and enjoying movement in a playful way.
  1. Learn new skills; in our sessions children will learn fundamental skills that will support them in many aspects of their lives. These new skills will be broken down into manageable steps appropriate to the children’s age and stage to support self confidence and self esteem. Children will learn about mindfulness practice, breath exercises, yoga flows and musical skills taught via the national music curriculum.
  1. Give to others and promote kindness; activities promoting kindness are interwoven through our practice and it is talked about throughout our sessions. By giving to others through small acts of kindness we in turn create positive feelings, a sense of reward and a feeling of purpose and self worth.
  1. Pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness); all of our sessions will end with a short mindfulness meditation practice which is age-appropriate. Each practice will be different and inspire new thoughts.

All sessions are adapted to suit the age and stage of each year group from pre-school to year 6. Activities for all years will introduce and encourage learning music holistically, through our whole bodies. We will follow and understand more about pitch, rhythm and beat through listening and movement. We will learn more about moving our bodies in ways that feel good to us, and start to develop full-body awareness.

Projects for children in their Early Years and Key Stage 1 will include stories, songs, puppets, props and visual aids to enhance their learning experience.

In Key Stage 2, both our yoga practice and music learning will be more challenging to suit the older years and mindfulness activities will include important messages around things like kindness and courage.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Emily is an experienced and qualified SENDCo and so this is highly considered during the planning process. We will always do our best to break down the barriers to learning but we would appreciate the support of the staff or 1-1 working with any children who have additional needs. We will work with you to ensure that our sessions are accessible to all.



(One hour per week, max 30 children). Prices starting from:

3 week project
5 week project

Pre-schools & Nurseries:

(One hour per week, split into two 30 min sessions, max 15 children per session). Prices starting from:

3 week project
5 week project

Talk to us about a project in your school or setting.