Happy Clouds yoga and music parties are a unique way to celebrate your special occasion. Guaranteed to bring a smile to children’s and grown ups’ faces alike, we carefully craft each celebration individually to ensure that they are magical.

Joyful, bespoke children’s parties

Tailored to your child

Does your child have a favourite book, toy or place? We can tailor their party to be whatever they love. We write new songs, arrange old favourites craft special yoga sequences to fit your desired theme exactly. Rather than a standard set list, we craft each party from scratch so you will experience a celebration that is all about your child.

Varied activities

Not just yoga and music! In our parties, we include live music and age-appropriate yoga, but we also explore stories, games, breathing exercises, meditation, sensory and craft activities inspired by forest school principles and of course, relaxation! We provide a wide range of activities that will suit children with different tastes and different learning styles, and to keep them entertained during the celebration.

Flexible to your needs

As well as the party itself, we can also create party bags, provide a photographer, and we can point you to many other local small businesses who can help you with anything else you might need.


We’ll provide you with a quote once we know your exact needs, but here’s an indication of what our parties cost.

  • Bespoke 2 hour party
  • Party bags, per child

Chat to us about hosting a Happy Clouds party.