About us

All about Emily

Early years music specialist

Emily Nash ​is the music side of our duo and is super passionate about children starting their musical journey early. She believes that building the foundations of music in their early years gives children a much better grounding for learning an instrument later on.

Interesting things about Emily
  • Emily plays a lot of instruments. Probably too many to list…but we’ll try anyway: cello, ukulele, flute, guitar, kalimba, piano, melodica, ocarina, recorder and boomwhackers!
  • Emily is a big dog lover and can’t help but go and squidge them (which is cute during our park classes). She lives in dungarees and loves a cuppa. She also thinks the best sound in the world is a child laughing into a glass…now you have to go and try it!
Emily’s training and experience
  • Level 3 childcare
  • Enhanced skills SENCO
  • 15 years experience teaching music to children
  • Enhanced DBS certificate

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All about Lizzie

Yoga teacher

Lizzie Edwards came to yoga over 15 years ago and trained to be a yoga teacher after her son was born in 2018. She is trained in flow yoga and is also a pregnancy and postnatal specialist teacher. To Lizzie, yoga is a practice that is there to be experienced by everyone, every age, in every type of body, and her classes are all about finding what works for each student individually. Lizzie is obsessed with movement, whether that’s on dry land or in a pool, and she was drawn to work with children in this way to help little ones start to foster long-term, positive body relationships from a young age.

Interesting things about Lizzie
  • Lizzie’s the cat lover of our team and has a bonkers but pretty one called Babs. She lives in sweatpants and swim shorts (as she spends a few days a week teaching babies and toddlers to swim) and she is very much a coffee drinker (possibly helped along by having a 3 year old).
  • Lizzie used to play the cello and flute but now probably needs lessons to be good again. Who knows, you might see a Happy Clouds cello duet one day?!
Lizzie’s training and experience
  • 200 hour initial yoga teacher training and 85 hours pregnancy and postnatal yoga + 30 hours postnatal corrective exercise specialist certificate
  • Teaching yoga to toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • STA Safety award for teachers (first aid and life saving)
  • STA baby and pre-school certificate and Turtle Tots aquatic teacher training
  • Enhanced DBS certificate

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Happy Clouds values

  • Child-led: children learn at their own pace and in their own way. We craft age-appropriate classes to inspire them on their journey!
  • Gentle: we create a supportive environment for children to discover movement and music in a playful way
  • Creative: we write original songs, play live music, tell stories in new and engaging ways and create games to bring yoga and music to life
  • Welcoming: coming back to ‘normality’ is daunting, but our classes are informal and super welcoming to everyone. We love getting to know you and your child.